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Impulse buy!  Never heard of this brand before, but this jacket caught my eye as I was walking by (as did the big sign that said sale).  Love the lining with the stars!

Vanilla Incense Labos, 2F, Parco Part 3.  Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawa 15-1. Exit Shibuya station via Hachiko exit. No easy directions, click here for map.

Cat’s Tsumori Chisato debuted 1.28 and it is adorable!  Bright, cute and upbeat are the best three words I can use to describe it.  I will definitely be going back for more.  For now, just this cute tee.  Even the bag I received the tee in is cute!

Creators Marche is a section of 5F in Parco Part 3 (Shibuya) that has handmade items.  I saw a lot of beautiful jewelry and cute tchotchkes, but at this point I was running out of cash and my stupid bank only exists in Kyoto, so I bought a postcard and took the business cards of the jewelry makers I liked.

Monozoku is also on 5F in Parco Part 1 (Shibuya) and has various event-related goods.  It had a lot of Kaori Wakamatsu stuff, but I refrained and just got this postcard.  I liked a lot of the stuff in here, but as mentioned above, lack of funds, blah blah.

Shibuya Parco Part 1 and 3. Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawa 15-1. Exit Shibuya station via Hachiko exit. No easy directions, click here for map.

The windows in the street-side Shu Uemura store at Omotesando Hills are gorgeous.  The weather outside was an awful wintry mix, but the store seemed modern and bright.  They were decorated with sakura images, taken by my favorite photographer, Ninagawa Mika.  There were also many women there getting their makeup done, which I’d love to do the next time I have an event to go to in Tokyo.  I did not get anything from the new collection, as I stocked up on foundation before I left my previous job at an unnamed beauty company.  But I did pick up this pencil eyeliner, color ME 10 purple.

Wore it for the first time today and it is the smoothest eyeliner I’ve ever owned.  It doesn’t smudge either.  This morning started sunny and bright, but around lunchtime it started snowing and hasn’t stopped so I was caught unprepared (read: no umbrella) and had to walk home (30min).  It was still in place!  Will def. go back to Shu Uemura for eyeliner.

Shu Uemura, 1F street-side, Omotesando Hills. Exit via the Omotesando exit of JR Harajuku station, cross the street and go right.  Veer left down Omotesando St., head straight past the main Harajuku intersection.  Omotesando Hills on your left, across from Dior.

Despite the horrible weather in Tokyo this past weekend, I braved it in the name of shopping.  And the new Marc Jacobs store in Minami Aoyama was the only store that I actually planned on hitting before I got to Tokyo.  The store itself is very cleanly designed and, in my opinion, actually kinda dates the gigantic Prada flagship across the street.  B1 is mens, 1F is accessories and tees and 2F is womens.  There are gorgeous fishtanks along the stairs to the second floor.  I also enjoyed the fact that the store did not have the standard umbrella trash can nor one of those umbrella plastic trash bag dispensers.  As soon as I stepped through the door, a saleswoman stepped forward to offer me a re-usable heavy plastic bag.   The service was excellent; I saw a salesperson bringing champagne to a customer downstairs in mens.

Generally I don’t buy western brands in Japan because the prices can be double or even triple what they are at home (also the yen is pretty strong vs. the dollar now), but if it’s a Japan-exclusive item, I cave.  As is this tee which reads AOYAMARCJACOBS, a portmanteau of Aoyama, the area where the store is located, and Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs. Tokyo, Minami Aoyama 5-23-7. Exit Omotesando station via A5 exit, turn right, go straight and turn right at second corner. On your left, across from Prada.

Took a much needed trip to Tokyo.  First stop, of course the 109.  Picked up this super comfy sweater from LDS LoveDrugStore.

Their dressing room is also very…uh…interesting?  Click here for twitpic. (nsfw)

LDS LoveDrugStore, Shibuya 109 5F. Exit Shibuya station via Hachiko exit, bear left and cross the Shibuya crosswalk.  Keep going straight, it’s the giant, silver, cylindrical building and will likely have a mass of people entering/leaving it.  If you miss it; you are probably blind.

Short computer failure and I’m back.

Vivienne Westwood and Anna Sui Halloween hand towels from the OIOI in Shibuya.  A necessity in Japan since paper towels are optional in most places.

Santa Jack Skellington Hat & The Nightmare Before Christmas tin with Jack chocolates @ Tokyo Disneyland.

Japan’s got more crazy shit for The Nightmare Before Christmas than I’ve ever seen at home.  Had to buy that hat; it’s too weird not to.  The tin and the chocolates are cool too; I hate to eat them, but…

Hoodie from the Moussy Outlet in the VenusFort on Odaiba.


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