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This will likely be the last Toji Market I go to while I’m here.  We always pass by this artist at Toji, but now that her summer-themed stuff is out, I finally bought.  I liked this goldfish one.  She let me pick a small one as a present, so I chose the tanabata one.

Toji Market fell on a day that I could go this month, but unfortunately it rained during the morning.  It was good because the market was much less crowded than it would be on a holiday weekend, but bad because it also deterred some sellers as well.  I got this mug from a seller; we always go to her stall at Toji, but this is the first time I’ve bought something.

The 15th of every month is the Hyakumanben flea market in Kyoto, but it’s rare that it falls on a day that I can go, so this was my first time there.  Very small, very crowded, but a great flea market.  Picked up these bunny crossbone earrings for super cheap, 550yen.

There were also a lot of artists there, so I went on a postcard shopping spree.  Will definitely be hitting this market again.

Two pairs of earrings from a stall at the market at Toji Temple (21st of every month).  Didn’t buy these on the same day; got the pair on the left last August and went again on Nov. 21st and got the second pair.  The next time I’ll be able to go this market will be in March and I’ll definitely be looking for this stall again.  I think the woman said she handmakes the jewelry.


Grew up in philly, used to live in nyc, spent a year in japan. I like shopping. Gotta figure out what to do with this blog now...


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