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Earlier I posted about getting tickets to the L’arCafe at the Space Shower TV the Diner in Shibuya.  My reservation was for last night and it was awesome.  Space Shower TV the Diner is a pretty cool venue all by itself.  I’d be interested to check it out on a normal night.  If I knew enough people, it’d make a good party venue too.  The entryway has a screen that’s built into the floor and extends up into the counter, which was L’arc en Ciel themed.  The logo moved a different way if you stepped on it.  It was really cool.

Ken’s outfit, 20th L’Anniversary Live.

Yukihiro’s outfit, 20th L’Anniversary Live.  So skinny!

Hyde’s outfit, 20th L’Anniversary Live.

Tetsuya’s outfit, 20th L’Anniversary Live.

The costumes from Day 1 of the 20th L’Anniversary Live were also in the entryway, as was the goods table and posters from various points during the band’s career.  Seats were assigned.  We ended up sharing our table with two Japanese girls, who were extremely surprised when we sat down.  They were cute, they knew all the lyrics to the songs and would occasionally bust out hyde moves at the table.  I would wager that everybody who was there went to the 20th L’Anniversary Live in May.

You really couldn’t argue that you weren’t getting your moneys worth here.  In addition to the dinner buffet and dessert buffet, this box was placed at all the seats.  Hyde’s and Ken’s were savory; Tetsuya’s and Yukihiro’s were sweet.  To be honest, I didn’t like Ken’s.  Yukihiro’s was my favorite.

There was a video playing showing various performances in the band’s career with added commentary by the band members.  When the band members were talking, you could hear a pin drop in the restaurant.  I was kind of amused by how quickly the place came back to life when the video ended.  Oh and this happened:

This is weird even for Hyde.

Everyone also got this free plastic cup.  Overall, the atmosphere and the food were very good (there was so much of it!).  So glad I was able to go.

Goods: L’arcafe glass and accessories tray.

Sakura are blooming in Kyoto!  Once spring hits, sakura everything goes on sale in Japan; sakura-flavored foods are of course no exception.  However, I was under the impression that sakura wasn’t something you ate and apparently it isn’t, but here we are.  According to one of the teachers here, it’s not an actual sakura flavor that creators are going for, but trying to re-create the way the sakura smells.  Got this sakura tea from the foreign food store in Sanjo.  They had black tea and green tea; this is the black tea version.  It’s pretty good, although not as sweet as the name would let on.  It doesn’t taste super flowery either.

Toji Market fell on a day that I could go this month, but unfortunately it rained during the morning.  It was good because the market was much less crowded than it would be on a holiday weekend, but bad because it also deterred some sellers as well.  I got this mug from a seller; we always go to her stall at Toji, but this is the first time I’ve bought something.

To be honest, I don’t really drink coffee; it makes me jittery and not in a good way.  Alyssa and I were killing time in a Starbucks before a show and spotted these sakura tumblers.  Sakura stuff in Japan has been everywhere since the start of March, and apparently, just like the sakura itself, the merchandise is not available for long.  In fact, I wanted to link the product page on Starbucks’ official website and the pages were already taken down!  There was a smaller pink version and this larger green one.  The other one had too much pink for my taste.

A Christmas present for my host mother who lives in Fukuoka.  The mug design is based on the story of the Town Musicians of Bremen fairy tale.  The lid of the gift box has a wind-up music box inside.


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