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On my last full day in Kyoto, I moved out of my apartment and then had about 6 hours to kill until meeting the girls for dinner and then getting on the night bus to Chiba.  I am quite proud of myself for not buying everything in sight out of boredom.  This passport case by bombay duck was in a pop-up in the Kyoto Isetan.  This was totally an impulse buy, as I already have a passport case (boring and black, but it did the job).  There were a few varieties, but I liked the first class one the best.


I will be so sad when I go back to America because Shu Uemura’s US operations are online only now and there won’t be any counters to peruse.  So for now, I’ll buy as much as I can while I still have the ability to go and check it out.  Stupidly forgot my brown eyeliner in the hostel in Fukuoka, so picked up this new one.  Pretty standard; I’ll def. be buying lashes before I leave, the problem is….which ones?!

Shu Uemura, cosmetics section of the JR Kyoto Isetan.  Isetan is on the JR side of Kyoto station.  Cosmetics: 1F.

Cat’s Tsumori Chisato is having a pop-up shop in the JR Kyoto Isetan.  Of course I had to go.  I wanted to go on a spree because this stuff is so cute, but limited myself to a shirt.  I also got a free gift of cute star clips in a cat’s tsumori chisato case.

Cat’s Tsumori Chisato, limited time pop-up shop. 4/20-5/8 JR Kyoto Isetan.  Isetan is on the JR side of Kyoto station, take the main elevators up to 5F.  You’ll see the pop-up shop on your left.  The normal Tsumori Chisato boutique is also on this floor.

It was getting time for a new wallet, so after awhile searching, I finally settled on this Anna Sui one.  My complaint with the last wallet (a tri-fold) was that it was cumbersome to get bills and change out.  This has become a bigger concern recently since Japan is largely cash-based, whereas when I was living in nyc, I paid for everything via card.

Anyway, it’s a black leather envelope style with red accents and a cute floral pattern on the inside.  It’s got a lot of card space and it’s much easier to access stuff inside this wallet than the last one.


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Tsumori Chisato cat scarf from JR Kyoto Isetan.  Also came in pink, but I already own a pink trench coat; it would have been too much.  Plus the blue looked better.  Love how one half of the cat is on one side and one half is on the other.