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On the way up to the temple in Dazaifu there was a store that sold a ton of Ghibli goods.  Oh weakness, lol.  Thankfully, just got this Totoro towel.  They also had a giant stuffed Totoro outside.  It’s my favorite Ghibli movie.  I have to go to the museum again before I leave Japan.

Santa Jack Skellington Hat & The Nightmare Before Christmas tin with Jack chocolates @ Tokyo Disneyland.

Japan’s got more crazy shit for The Nightmare Before Christmas than I’ve ever seen at home.  Had to buy that hat; it’s too weird not to.  The tin and the chocolates are cool too; I hate to eat them, but…


Grew up in philly, used to live in nyc, spent a year in japan. I like shopping. Gotta figure out what to do with this blog now...