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On my second day in Fukuoka I hadn’t even spent half the budget I allotted for myself and I thought, “Wow, I’m going to come back with money.” …and then I found rt produced by ragtag.  At first I thought the store was a multi-brand boutique until I saw the price tags listed the original price and the rt price and realized it was a second-hand store.  The prices weren’t cheap, but very fair.  In Japan, they’re very picky about quality, so despite this being a second-hand store, I’ll bet that some of these items were never worn or worn maybe once.

Burberry Blue Label dress.  A steal at $130 (approx. usd) and a close up of the material.


mason by Michelle Mason top.  Hard to see, but it’s cut out in the back.  Surprised to find this in Japan because a cut out back is super revealing at home, let alone Japan.


Grew up in philly, used to live in nyc, spent a year in japan. I like shopping. Gotta figure out what to do with this blog now...


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