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Back in America!  Slacking on posting the final things I bought in Japan…first there was jet lag and now it’s job hunt.  Also, any routine I have goes absolutely to hell if I don’t have a job.  Got these done the day before I left Japan at the Omotesando Speed Nail.  They had waaaaaay more designs than the Kyoto shop and I suspect all the Tokyo salons do.  Freaking Kyoto….anyway, after much flopping between which design I was going to get, I got this glitter french with color change and metallic gold dots.  Hey, it’s probably going to be my last nail job in awhile.

Last nail appointment at Speed Nail Kyoto!  Will be getting my final nail job done in Tokyo before I leave.  Since I will hopefully be interviewing for jobs at home, this is really the last set I could go kinda nuts on.  I originally wanted a gingham pattern, but as it wasn’t on the menu at the salon (good luck getting anything done off menu in Japan), I went with this instead.  I like the teal color, it has a cool feel to it and makes my hands look tanner.

The clock is ticking on easily acquirable Shu Uemura for Ashley.  Picked up these fun lashes I’d been eye-ing for a long time now and an eyeshadow from the Kobe Daimaru.  Also got a foundation sample.  What will I do when I get home?  Browsing online for makeup is not as fun as playing at the counter.

The tenure of the last nail design was short.  Scheduled the appointment a week earlier than usual so that I could get one more nail salon visit in during my time in Japan.  I officially bought a ticket home today, which is both exciting and utterly terrifying.  And it showed as I could not figure out what I wanted this time.  Eventually I decided on this, but after a long time of asking the nailist for advice and other random mutterings.

Knowing that these nails were going to be what I wore to the L’arc~en~Ciel concert, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the usual or something more rock-ish.  But I went with the usual b/c I was too busy to think about nails in the week leading up to my appointment.  Summer theme!

I know it’s not May yet, but I had to get them done before China (!!).  Red and white.  The nailist said they reminded her of Minnie Mouse, which was not what I was going for, but whatever.  I like them all the same.

I will be so sad when I go back to America because Shu Uemura’s US operations are online only now and there won’t be any counters to peruse.  So for now, I’ll buy as much as I can while I still have the ability to go and check it out.  Stupidly forgot my brown eyeliner in the hostel in Fukuoka, so picked up this new one.  Pretty standard; I’ll def. be buying lashes before I leave, the problem is….which ones?!

Shu Uemura, cosmetics section of the JR Kyoto Isetan.  Isetan is on the JR side of Kyoto station.  Cosmetics: 1F.

I think I’ve officially gone off the deep end with nails.  I liked the green March nails, but that lime green isn’t really my taste.  I was actually looking for more of the traditional St Patrick’s green, but that was the only green they had.  So I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted next and actually came up with a concept, which is sakura blossoms resting on a clear pond.  Although when I took this picture, I also realized it could be sakura against a blue sky.  At the end of this month, I’m going to China, so I wonder what I’ll do for that…

Kind of late for this, but the last week in Japan has me thinking about things other than this blog.  Green nails for March!

The windows in the street-side Shu Uemura store at Omotesando Hills are gorgeous.  The weather outside was an awful wintry mix, but the store seemed modern and bright.  They were decorated with sakura images, taken by my favorite photographer, Ninagawa Mika.  There were also many women there getting their makeup done, which I’d love to do the next time I have an event to go to in Tokyo.  I did not get anything from the new collection, as I stocked up on foundation before I left my previous job at an unnamed beauty company.  But I did pick up this pencil eyeliner, color ME 10 purple.

Wore it for the first time today and it is the smoothest eyeliner I’ve ever owned.  It doesn’t smudge either.  This morning started sunny and bright, but around lunchtime it started snowing and hasn’t stopped so I was caught unprepared (read: no umbrella) and had to walk home (30min).  It was still in place!  Will def. go back to Shu Uemura for eyeliner.

Shu Uemura, 1F street-side, Omotesando Hills. Exit via the Omotesando exit of JR Harajuku station, cross the street and go right.  Veer left down Omotesando St., head straight past the main Harajuku intersection.  Omotesando Hills on your left, across from Dior.


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