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Azul by Moussy is a fast fashion brand owned by Baroque Japan Limited, who also owns Moussy, SLY and rienda, among others.  I was pleased to find one in the Takanohara Mall a couple stops down from Kyo-town.  I originally saw this cardigan at the beginning of the season and didn’t think it was worth the money.  But at the end of the season and for 1995yen, it’s totally worth the price now.  Very soft.  I liked the light blue, but the only size that was left was super small.  Black always works.

From Kintetsu station Takanohara, exit and go left.  Go up the elevator into the Aeon Mall on the right.  Azul by Moussy store right in front of you.


Grew up in philly, used to live in nyc, spent a year in japan. I like shopping. Gotta figure out what to do with this blog now...


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