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In what I’m dubbing the Marui Spree, I started in Marui One with this Alice in Wonderland file by Eri Kamijo.

Then I found Comunication Mania in the Marui Annex, home to the most Kaori Wakamatsu goods I’ve ever seen in one place.

Top left: Communcation Mania x Linkle Graphics; top right: Eri Kamijo; bottom row: Kaori Wakamatsu.

Kaori Wakamatsu letter sets + notebook.

Marui One is like the Marui for Japanese fashion sub-cultures.  Each floor was labeled something like lolita, visual kei, etc.  This was from the princess floor.  God, look at all that pink frill…

Cool mural on the 1st floor.  1st floor was pop art.

This will likely be the last Toji Market I go to while I’m here.  We always pass by this artist at Toji, but now that her summer-themed stuff is out, I finally bought.  I liked this goldfish one.  She let me pick a small one as a present, so I chose the tanabata one.

Earlier I posted about the Yoko Tanaka Alice in Wonderland postcard I bought.  This is the rest of the set, comprising: Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, The Little Mermaid, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk and Sleeping Beauty.  Not quite sure what I’ll do with them, but I might arrange them into some kind of wall art when I get home.

Neo-Mart is on a side street off Kawaramachi.  Pretty much smack in between Gion-Shijo and Sanjo.  See their website for a map.

Browsing the Neo-Mart in Kawaramachi, I came to their post card wall and immediately fixated on these fairy tale-themed ones from Yoko Tanaka.  As I was short on cash (had just gotten my nails done and still needed to buy my mom a birthday present), I only bought one for the time being.  Alice in Wonderland of course.

Neo-Mart is on a side street off Kawaramachi.  Pretty much smack in between Gion-Shijo and Sanjo.  See their website for a map.

The special exhibit at the Fukuoka Art Museum featured Ukiyo-e pieces, that, despite being Japanese in origin, were from a museum in Germany.

One of the prints featured a bat flapping in the top left corner, which Alyssa and I dubbed “happy bat.”  Don’t even remember what the actual subject of the print was, but was delighted to find that someone else enjoyed happy bat enough to put him on some merchandise.

Also got this pop art featuring department store Takashimaya.

Creators Marche is a section of 5F in Parco Part 3 (Shibuya) that has handmade items.  I saw a lot of beautiful jewelry and cute tchotchkes, but at this point I was running out of cash and my stupid bank only exists in Kyoto, so I bought a postcard and took the business cards of the jewelry makers I liked.

Monozoku is also on 5F in Parco Part 1 (Shibuya) and has various event-related goods.  It had a lot of Kaori Wakamatsu stuff, but I refrained and just got this postcard.  I liked a lot of the stuff in here, but as mentioned above, lack of funds, blah blah.

Shibuya Parco Part 1 and 3. Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawa 15-1. Exit Shibuya station via Hachiko exit. No easy directions, click here for map.

Went to the graduation show of the Seian University of Art and Design in Kyoto.  The show was huge and included gallery exhibits and a fashion show.

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The 15th of every month is the Hyakumanben flea market in Kyoto, but it’s rare that it falls on a day that I can go, so this was my first time there.  Very small, very crowded, but a great flea market.  Picked up these bunny crossbone earrings for super cheap, 550yen.

There were also a lot of artists there, so I went on a postcard shopping spree.  Will definitely be hitting this market again.


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