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Summer in Japan is hot and sticky, so these oil blotting papers are a must.  I bought the “Silk” kind for sensitive skin with a gold sakura patterned case.  From Zou.

So now I’m in Chiba until I return to America on the 9th, staying with the host family that I stayed with almost 10 (jeez, what a long time) years ago.  It’s a bit nostalgic.  We went to Chikura over the weekend and Kamogawa Sea World.

The beach was about 3 hours away from their house, so we drove down on Sunday and spent the first day at the beach before going back to the pension for dinner.  The next day we went to Kamogawa Sea World.

This sea turtle looks a bit small in this picture, but he was about the size of a car tire.

Beluga, dolphin and orca show, required viewing at these types of theme parks.  There was a seal show as well as aquarium set ups with all types of fish, otters and penguins.  There was an arctic themed area and a tropical themed area.  Although now I can’t look at sting rays without thinking, “whores…”.  Thank you this post by Amy O’Dell.

This is not a kids meal.  Repeat, not a kids meal and yes, that rice is shaped like a shark.

The beach up around Kamogawa Sea World was even more blue than in Chikura.  Gorgeous.

What, did you think I wouldn’t buy anything?  Shark magnet.  Discovery’s Shark Week starts on July 31st, but I’m going to miss it because I’ll still be here.  Sadness.  Teeth by Lady Gaga is being used in the promos…Andy Samberg is hosting too… ;_;  Shut up, you know you all watch it too.

One of the last things I bought in Kyoto.  I had gone downtown with Alyssa to the manga museum and then we went wandering.  After I left her at the nail salon, I stopped into a cell phone strap store and bought this cute goldfish one.  I’m a sucker for the summer themed stuff.

Blatant fangirling continues with a pair of tickets that I purchased for L’arc~en~Ciel’s L’arcafe in Shibuya that starts today.  I missed the L’arcafe at the 20th L’Anniversary Live, so I’m glad I was able to get these tickets.  The site crashed when the clock struck 10am, but I just kept clicking confirm til it came through, lol.  Will post a follow up when I actually go.

Stopped by the Kobe store since they were in the middle of a sale.  As always, found cute Cat’s Tsumori Chisato stuff, but it wasn’t included in the sale.  But I did find this fun summer-y clutch.  It also came in blue and yellow.  I dislike yellow and I own a lot of blue already, so I went with this crazy orange one.

Last nail appointment at Speed Nail Kyoto!  Will be getting my final nail job done in Tokyo before I leave.  Since I will hopefully be interviewing for jobs at home, this is really the last set I could go kinda nuts on.  I originally wanted a gingham pattern, but as it wasn’t on the menu at the salon (good luck getting anything done off menu in Japan), I went with this instead.  I like the teal color, it has a cool feel to it and makes my hands look tanner.

The clock is ticking on easily acquirable Shu Uemura for Ashley.  Picked up these fun lashes I’d been eye-ing for a long time now and an eyeshadow from the Kobe Daimaru.  Also got a foundation sample.  What will I do when I get home?  Browsing online for makeup is not as fun as playing at the counter.

This was also bought in the post-JLPT frenzy.  I love this brand, what will I do when I leave Japan and can’t get it easily?!  I was a little hesitant to buy this because I don’t own anything with that type of collar, but I decided to branch out.

The same day that I went to Fushimi Inari, I spotted this top in Emoda, but I was all gross from hiking up the trail, so unable to try it on, I had to leave it.  Fast forward to Sunday, where in the frenzy of shopping with Alyssa to forget the horrendous JLPT N2, I bought it.  I love the breezy, summery, vaguely nautical feel.

I’m a bit of a Kansai fail.  I had never been to Fushimi Inari.  So I resolved to go there (and a host of other places that I really should have gone to before).  It was very cool; but the day I went it was unbearably hot.  Still, I managed to do the entire trail and then treated myself to some goods.


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