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Impulse buy….after the trip to Benetton I went wandering….right into OPA.  On the plus side, it was a sale impulse buy.  Cropped navy jacket from Spiral Girl.  I’m really just making packing harder on myself, aren’t I?

I broke my non-western brand rule because I just love this shirt!  I was browsing Benetton before my last nail appointment and saw this shirt, but decided not to buy it at the risk of it being an impulse buy.  But on Sunday, I was still thinking about it and ran into the city to buy it.  Now I’m left wondering if I should have bought it in white too, since I own so much black.  It’s a shame it didn’t come in like an electric blue…

The tenure of the last nail design was short.  Scheduled the appointment a week earlier than usual so that I could get one more nail salon visit in during my time in Japan.  I officially bought a ticket home today, which is both exciting and utterly terrifying.  And it showed as I could not figure out what I wanted this time.  Eventually I decided on this, but after a long time of asking the nailist for advice and other random mutterings.

I love the graphic style of Rydia by World Wide Love.  From the Parco Part 3 Shibuya location.

On my last day in Tokyo I just didn’t feel like going back to the apartment where I was staying a) because the friend I was staying with was at work and b) it was my last day in Tokyo for awhile.  I was looking for the manga outpost Mandrake, but I couldn’t find it (probably walked right past it) and was lazy, so I just went to Book Off.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle by CLAMP is one of those series that went on and on and on and if I had known it was going to be 28 volumes I probably wouldn’t have started it, but being the crazy that I am, once I started I had to finish it.  Finally at volume 28.

Tokyo Alice was an impulse buy.  I bought it because its opening line was: “My love, passion, my reason for living…is shopping!” Enough said.

I originally went to Esperanza looking for a pair of blue sandals that I saw in the June issue of ViVi, but they didn’t have them.  Picked up these cute pink pumps!  Should I have gone for a more practical color like a neutral?  Probably.  Oh well.

Esperanza, Shibuya 109, B1F. Hachiko exit; bear left. Shibuya 109 is the gigantic silver cylindrical building.

Ahhhhh the 109, place of many a bad financial decision.  I love the energy in the 109; dinky OPA in Kyoto does not compare.  This shirt’s pretty standard in the front, but I like this open draped back.

Egoist, Shibuya 109 4F. Hachiko exit; bear left. Shibuya 109 is the gigantic silver cylindrical building.

Omg the live was awesome.  When I think about it; I’m happy.  Actual post about the live to come later when I have all the pictures (I stupidly forgot my camera and had to borrow my friend’s boyfriend’s and I’m waiting on him to send them to me).

Staff pass shirt.  This was definitely the cuter of the two shirt options they had, as evidenced by the S size selling out before I could get one.  But the bigger size isn’t too ill-fitting.  It also has more of a 20th anniversary feel than the other one did (which simply had a logo saying 20th anniversary on it on top of some horrible looking hot topic-esque horizontal black and yellow stripes).

I wasn’t originally going to buy this, but when I finally got up to the cashier I ended up buying it.  Caught up in the moment?

I feel like all Japanese concerts have what I refer to as “the towel song”; a fast-paced song that is punctuated by throwing or swinging the band’s branded muffler towel (as these are called) at the chorus….excellent marketing, Japan, exxxxxcellent.  I did not have said towel at VAMPS or Jasmine, so I figured what the hell I’ll be prepared this time…and then the towel song never came!  But as it was raining the entire time and got cold when the sun went down I was glad to have this to use as a scarf.

Knowing that these nails were going to be what I wore to the L’arc~en~Ciel concert, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the usual or something more rock-ish.  But I went with the usual b/c I was too busy to think about nails in the week leading up to my appointment.  Summer theme!

This will likely be the last Toji Market I go to while I’m here.  We always pass by this artist at Toji, but now that her summer-themed stuff is out, I finally bought.  I liked this goldfish one.  She let me pick a small one as a present, so I chose the tanabata one.


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