Second stop on the trip was Chongqing, a massive city on the Yangtze River basin.

It took about 2 hours via high speed train to go from Chengdu to Chongqing.  I was passed out most of the way, but the scenery was gorgeous.

Chongqing was full of stairs.  Full of stairs…

A Chongqing night cruise.  One of the rivers was too low to go down, so it ended up being fairly short.

1,000 year old rock carvings in Dazu.  They were massive.

Somewhere over China.  I don’t remember most of the flight from Chengdu to Hong Kong; I wasn’t even awake for take off.  After sitting down, the next thing I remember was the captain announcing that we’d be landing in 30minutes.  China and Japan are like night and day.  I prefer Japan for a number of reasons, but I definitely want to go back to China and do the big cities in the east–Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong.