I finished Gokinjo Monogatari as well as my book in English, The American (both the movie and the book ended up being disappointing after such a cool-sounding premise), so I needed something new to read.  Foreign books in Japan are ridiculously expensive, so I wasn’t about to shell out $20 for a book that costs $10 in the US and my Japanese isn’t up to reading an actual novel.  Looked in the use foreign bookstore and have two conclusions to draw: foreigners in the Kyoto area have really bad taste in books, or they’re holding onto all the good ones (for good reason if they paid $20 for them here).  So here we are.  Soul Eater, which I picked entirely because of its aesthetic (obviously the best way to pick reading material).  It looks vaguely Halloween-y/Tim Burton-y and that’s all I need.

Also, pretty sure the guy at the local used manga store thinks I’m a crazy.  After buying this book, I got on the bus, went to peruse it and…..it was gone.  Nowhere to be found.  So I ran back to the store and asked the guy working if I had taken the bag.  Made more confusing by the fact that I used the word fukuro (literally, bag), which I guess you can’t use in this instance in Japanese the way you can in English.  So then he kept asking me if I needed a bag, to which my response was no.  So then it was pretty established that I did in fact take the bag/book/whatever with me and I was left wondering how the hell one could lose a book in under 5 minutes and lamenting my lost 290yen.  Also he and the other employee at the counter looked at me like I was a complete crazy.  So then I went to go back to the bus and saw it departing, so I had to haul ass to the next bus stop on the next block.  I get on the bus and behold (!) on the floor of the seat behind the one that I was originally sitting in, was the book, in its bag.  I guess I dropped it and didn’t realize.  So…..yeah.