I wanted these tickets so badly.  I entered the L’Mobile preorder, the first Ticket Pia preorder, the first Lawsons preorder, the first Eplus preorder, the second Ticket Pia preorder, the second Lawsons preorder and the second Eplus preorder.  Ticket Pia 2 came through.  So I am 1/7 on these tickets and consider myself extremely lucky.  To those ordering tickets for via preorder, I really don’t think there’s any strategy to how to get your name drawn.  I tried entering the minute the preorder application period started, entering right before the application period ended and entering sometime in the middle.  Along the way I’ve also learned the kanji you don’t want to see 落選 (fail), 残念 (unfortunately); and the kanji you hope to see 当選 (success).

So yeah, hahaha.  If you know some Japanese the ticket ordering process isn’t hard at all.  Just keep google translate open in one tab to help you out.  Also, I’d recommended registering before the preorder starts; it saves you time.  Also, if you’re going to buy via the general admission sale (and not preorder), you need those precious seconds.

But yay, I’ll be heading to Tokyo at the end of May!