Creators Marche is a section of 5F in Parco Part 3 (Shibuya) that has handmade items.  I saw a lot of beautiful jewelry and cute tchotchkes, but at this point I was running out of cash and my stupid bank only exists in Kyoto, so I bought a postcard and took the business cards of the jewelry makers I liked.

Monozoku is also on 5F in Parco Part 1 (Shibuya) and has various event-related goods.  It had a lot of Kaori Wakamatsu stuff, but I refrained and just got this postcard.  I liked a lot of the stuff in here, but as mentioned above, lack of funds, blah blah.

Shibuya Parco Part 1 and 3. Tokyo, Shibuya, Udagawa 15-1. Exit Shibuya station via Hachiko exit. No easy directions, click here for map.