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Japanese brand Sly is another one I especially like.  Of course of all the stuff that’s currently on sale for new year’s, I pick the one thing that isn’t….>_<  Love this cute green cardigan; it also came in black and a rose color.  I think I’m on a green kick lately though.  My favorite part is the top button shaped like a hat.  Their current ad features Anna Tsuchiya.

January 16th was the 大的大会 (Oh-mato taikai; lit. Festival of the Great Target) at Sanjūsangen-dō temple in Kyoto.  Oh-mato taikai is a contest based on a much older archery contest called 通し矢 (Toshiya; lit. passing arrow) that was held for 255 years before being ending in 1861 (Source: Wikipedia).  Approximately 2,000 men and women come to participate.  It starts early (9am) and despite getting there before 9am, there was already a line to get into the temple.  It was extremely crowded, but I managed to squeeze myself into a good spot that was lined up with the archers.  They got two arrows to shoot with.

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The 15th of every month is the Hyakumanben flea market in Kyoto, but it’s rare that it falls on a day that I can go, so this was my first time there.  Very small, very crowded, but a great flea market.  Picked up these bunny crossbone earrings for super cheap, 550yen.

There were also a lot of artists there, so I went on a postcard shopping spree.  Will definitely be hitting this market again.

I have no idea what’s up with Comme Ca.  The locations of the stores I knew of in Tokyo are gone, but there are a few here, so the company definitely isn’t out of business.  It’s annoying that their trademark is not having a brand website, because now I have no idea where to find them; it’s all pure luck.  But I digress…picked up this cute apple keychain in the New Year’s sale.

Last Wednesday was definitely an indulgent day.  Nail appointment, followed by a trip to Mos Burger, followed by a trip to one of my favorite Japanese brands, Egoist.  I should really get a club card.

My last pair of boots had a good run, but finally died when the sole started unpeeling.  I am unforgiving on boots, so I’m not surprised this happened.  It took me forever to find a replacement pair, but finally settled on this pair by Ecco.  I’ve had them for about 3 weeks now, so they are a bit dirty/worn in this picture.  Very comfortable though and they match with everything.  I’ll definitely go to Ecco for my next pair.

Going backwards a little bit.  Picked up this top from my favorite store, Rugby, on University Place while at home.  Love it, it’s so comfy and warm, not often traits in stuff I’d wear out.  Haven’t hit the Tokyo Rugby yet, but will probably on my next trip.

Happy New Year!  Finally settled back into Japan.  Traveling back here was a bitch; it was 25 straight hours of hell.  Then went to Kyushu last weekend, to unwind (heyo onsens).  Anyway, new January nails via Speed Nail Kyoto.  They turned out a bit shorter and a bit more Barbie than I wanted, but oh well.  Sadly, you can’t request a nailist.


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