Yep, again with the concert gear.  VAMPS is the solo project of Hyde, L’arc~en~Ciel‘s vocalist.  L’arc~en~Ciel is my favorite band and while they all have solo projects, the only one I really like is Hyde’s.  It’s got a harder rock sound than L’arc.  Saw them at the Fillmore in NYC last year and again they were awesome in this much bigger venue.  Being Japan where Hyde is super popular, it was also a much bigger budget production and the giant screens had the clearest picture I’ve ever seen.  Would have taken a picture of that too, but staffers were prowling constantly.

The swag at this concert was ridiculous and included: noren (traditional Japanese curtains), omamori (protection charms that you’d normally buy at a temple), a 12,000yen ($145usd) hoodie dress, and an alarm clock.  See all of it here.