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Tsumori Chisato cat scarf from JR Kyoto Isetan.  Also came in pink, but I already own a pink trench coat; it would have been too much.  Plus the blue looked better.  Love how one half of the cat is on one side and one half is on the other.

Santa Jack Skellington Hat & The Nightmare Before Christmas tin with Jack chocolates @ Tokyo Disneyland.

Japan’s got more crazy shit for The Nightmare Before Christmas than I’ve ever seen at home.  Had to buy that hat; it’s too weird not to.  The tin and the chocolates are cool too; I hate to eat them, but…

Hoodie from the Moussy Outlet in the VenusFort on Odaiba.

Pink cat mat from Kyoto Loft.  Also came in b&w, but black shows everything.

Feeding my addiction shopping in Japan.

Nails 11.8.10 @ Speed Nail Kyoto.  Calgel with gold glitter gradation.



Grew up in philly, used to live in nyc, spent a year in japan. I like shopping. Gotta figure out what to do with this blog now...


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