Back in America!  Slacking on posting the final things I bought in Japan…first there was jet lag and now it’s job hunt.  Also, any routine I have goes absolutely to hell if I don’t have a job.  Got these done the day before I left Japan at the Omotesando Speed Nail.  They had waaaaaay more designs than the Kyoto shop and I suspect all the Tokyo salons do.  Freaking Kyoto….anyway, after much flopping between which design I was going to get, I got this glitter french with color change and metallic gold dots.  Hey, it’s probably going to be my last nail job in awhile.

Still in the Marui Annex, I figured while I was there, I might as well look around.  Got off the escalator at 2F and was right in front of ragtag.

Tsumori Chisato top + detail.

The Marui Annex is pretty cool.  There’s a movie theater on top and the atmosphere is a bit more relaxed than the normal OIOI.

In what I’m dubbing the Marui Spree, I started in Marui One with this Alice in Wonderland file by Eri Kamijo.

Then I found Comunication Mania in the Marui Annex, home to the most Kaori Wakamatsu goods I’ve ever seen in one place.

Top left: Communcation Mania x Linkle Graphics; top right: Eri Kamijo; bottom row: Kaori Wakamatsu.

Kaori Wakamatsu letter sets + notebook.

Marui One is like the Marui for Japanese fashion sub-cultures.  Each floor was labeled something like lolita, visual kei, etc.  This was from the princess floor.  God, look at all that pink frill…

Cool mural on the 1st floor.  1st floor was pop art.

Earlier I posted about getting tickets to the L’arCafe at the Space Shower TV the Diner in Shibuya.  My reservation was for last night and it was awesome.  Space Shower TV the Diner is a pretty cool venue all by itself.  I’d be interested to check it out on a normal night.  If I knew enough people, it’d make a good party venue too.  The entryway has a screen that’s built into the floor and extends up into the counter, which was L’arc en Ciel themed.  The logo moved a different way if you stepped on it.  It was really cool.

Ken’s outfit, 20th L’Anniversary Live.

Yukihiro’s outfit, 20th L’Anniversary Live.  So skinny!

Hyde’s outfit, 20th L’Anniversary Live.

Tetsuya’s outfit, 20th L’Anniversary Live.

The costumes from Day 1 of the 20th L’Anniversary Live were also in the entryway, as was the goods table and posters from various points during the band’s career.  Seats were assigned.  We ended up sharing our table with two Japanese girls, who were extremely surprised when we sat down.  They were cute, they knew all the lyrics to the songs and would occasionally bust out hyde moves at the table.  I would wager that everybody who was there went to the 20th L’Anniversary Live in May.

You really couldn’t argue that you weren’t getting your moneys worth here.  In addition to the dinner buffet and dessert buffet, this box was placed at all the seats.  Hyde’s and Ken’s were savory; Tetsuya’s and Yukihiro’s were sweet.  To be honest, I didn’t like Ken’s.  Yukihiro’s was my favorite.

There was a video playing showing various performances in the band’s career with added commentary by the band members.  When the band members were talking, you could hear a pin drop in the restaurant.  I was kind of amused by how quickly the place came back to life when the video ended.  Oh and this happened:

This is weird even for Hyde.

Everyone also got this free plastic cup.  Overall, the atmosphere and the food were very good (there was so much of it!).  So glad I was able to go.

Goods: L’arcafe glass and accessories tray.

On my last full day in Kyoto, I moved out of my apartment and then had about 6 hours to kill until meeting the girls for dinner and then getting on the night bus to Chiba.  I am quite proud of myself for not buying everything in sight out of boredom.  This passport case by bombay duck was in a pop-up in the Kyoto Isetan.  This was totally an impulse buy, as I already have a passport case (boring and black, but it did the job).  There were a few varieties, but I liked the first class one the best.

I first saw these when I arrived in Japan a year ago, but I was not going to pay $6 for post its.  However, now at $3, I’ll take it.  I also saw a white board here that was in the shape of a speech bubble that I wish I had picked up.

Summer in Japan is hot and sticky, so these oil blotting papers are a must.  I bought the “Silk” kind for sensitive skin with a gold sakura patterned case.  From Zou.

So now I’m in Chiba until I return to America on the 9th, staying with the host family that I stayed with almost 10 (jeez, what a long time) years ago.  It’s a bit nostalgic.  We went to Chikura over the weekend and Kamogawa Sea World.

The beach was about 3 hours away from their house, so we drove down on Sunday and spent the first day at the beach before going back to the pension for dinner.  The next day we went to Kamogawa Sea World.

This sea turtle looks a bit small in this picture, but he was about the size of a car tire.

Beluga, dolphin and orca show, required viewing at these types of theme parks.  There was a seal show as well as aquarium set ups with all types of fish, otters and penguins.  There was an arctic themed area and a tropical themed area.  Although now I can’t look at sting rays without thinking, “whores…”.  Thank you this post by Amy O’Dell.

This is not a kids meal.  Repeat, not a kids meal and yes, that rice is shaped like a shark.

The beach up around Kamogawa Sea World was even more blue than in Chikura.  Gorgeous.

What, did you think I wouldn’t buy anything?  Shark magnet.  Discovery’s Shark Week starts on July 31st, but I’m going to miss it because I’ll still be here.  Sadness.  Teeth by Lady Gaga is being used in the promos…Andy Samberg is hosting too… ;_;  Shut up, you know you all watch it too.

One of the last things I bought in Kyoto.  I had gone downtown with Alyssa to the manga museum and then we went wandering.  After I left her at the nail salon, I stopped into a cell phone strap store and bought this cute goldfish one.  I’m a sucker for the summer themed stuff.

Blatant fangirling continues with a pair of tickets that I purchased for L’arc~en~Ciel’s L’arcafe in Shibuya that starts today.  I missed the L’arcafe at the 20th L’Anniversary Live, so I’m glad I was able to get these tickets.  The site crashed when the clock struck 10am, but I just kept clicking confirm til it came through, lol.  Will post a follow up when I actually go.


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